Help struggling readers achieve literacy with a flexible assessment solution

Research shows students with characteristics of dyslexia can learn how to read or improve their reading, and that early identification and intervention are critical for ensuring success. Targeting specific instructional needs through an explicit, structured approach requires pinpointing exactly which early literacy skills your students are struggling to learn.

Dyslexia screening and intervention methodology

Which assessment solution is right for your students?

With Renaissance, you can choose among a variety of assessment options to screen for reading skill gaps. When combined with progress monitoring tools that are brief and highly sensitive to growth, educators can intervene confidently and make sure their students are on track to meet their goals.


Learn more about using FastBridge assessments to support students with dyslexia.


Learn more about using Star assessments to support students with dyslexia.


Learn more about using Star Phonics Diagnostic to support students with dyslexia.

Renaissance: A dyslexia screening solution trusted nationwide

Renaissance screeners are on state approval lists in more than half of all US states. Click on your state to see how we give educators the data and insights they need to promote early identification of students exhibiting characteristics of dyslexia.

Approved screener
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Intervene early with a dyslexia solution that identifies all the essential reading areas

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) has guidance about which specific reading skills to measure. These are derived from a strong research base about the reading deficits that are most likely to predict a manifestation of dyslexia. Renaissance’s dyslexia solution addresses all of these areas identified by the IDA, providing flexibility to meet your state or district needs.

See which assessment solution is the best fit for your school.

Dyslexia screening resources

Cover of the dyslexia whitepaper


Understanding Dyslexia: Defining, Evaluating, and Teaching Students at Risk of Reading Problems

Download this whitepaper to form a deeper understanding of dyslexia and learn strategies for better supporting students through early screening, instruction, and targeted intervention.

Teacher and student working on reading


Straight Talk: Effective Practices to Support Students with Dyslexia

Watch this on-demand webinar for an in-depth discussion about what the research says—along with strategies for choosing an evidence-based approach that supports reading success for all students.

Two students reading

Blog post

5 Common Myths About Students with Dyslexia

Review five of the most common myths about dyslexia and learn how these misconceptions can stand in the way of providing students with effective reading instruction and supports.

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