Meet the great minds behind Renaissance research

At Renaissance, we like to say: “Great minds think unalike.” You see it every day in the classroom. We are fortunate enough to see it every day in our research department. Our assessments and innovations emerge from collaborations with leading education researchers and psychometricians across the country.

Research and psychometrics team

Photo of Jon Medin

Jon Medin

VP Psychometrics, Research, Learning Sciences and Innovations

Photo of Eric Stickney

Eric Stickney

VP Research

Photo of Catherine Close

Catherine Close

VP Psychometrics

Photo of Annie Asher

Annie Asher

Senior Research Analyst

Photo of Amanda Beckler

Amanda Beckler

Lead Research Analyst

Photo of David Butz

David Butz

Lead Research Analyst

Photo of Edison Choe

Edison Choe

Senior Psychometrician

Photo of Lindsay Haas

Lindsay Haas

Senior Research Analyst

Photo of Jieun Lee

Jieun Lee

Senior Psychometrician

Photo of Heather Nagrocki

Heather Nagrocki

Writer/Senior Editor

Photo of Michael Patterson

Michael Patterson

Senior Researcher

Photo of Julianne Robar

Julianne Robar

Senior Director

Photo of Adam Wyse

Adam Wyse


Learning science and analytics team

Photo of John Bielinski

John Bielinski

Senior Director of Learning and Science Analytics

Photo of Bruce Bray

Bruce Bray

Data Science Principal

Photo of Megan Clark

Megan Clark

Assessment Research Manager

Photo of Ekaterina Forrester

Ekaterina Forrester


Photo of Jennifer Reid

Jennifer Reid

Director of Early Reading Assessment Research

Photo of John Walker

John Walker


Photo of Jason Way

Jason Way

Research Director

Renaissance thought leaders

Photo of Gene Kerns

Gene Kerns

VP and Chief Academic Officer

Photo of Darice Keating

Darice Keating

Senior VP of Government Affairs

Photo of Jan Bryan

Jan Bryan

VP National Education Officer

Photo of Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

Senior Research Associate

Photo of Michelle Hosp

Michelle Hosp

Key Phonics Founder and Director of Foundational Literacy

Photo of Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson

International Education Officer

Photo of Doris Linville

Doris Linville

Director of EL Innovations

Photo of Scott McConnell

Scott McConnell

Director of Assessment Innovation

Photo of Chastity McFarlan

Chastity McFarlan

Director of Content Quality and DEI

Photo of Julie Vogel

Julie Vogel

VP National Education Officer

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