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Better professional learning for better student outcomes

The best professional learning is not a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solution. It varies depending on your implementation plan, timeline, budget, learning style, and goals. We help you assemble the right blend of services to accomplish your goals and build strong implementations that yield results.


Whether just getting started or deepening your knowledge, we partner with you to build a professional learning plan to help you meet or exceed your goals


Build your skills and master proven strategies  to leverage your learning data and improve outcomes and engagement for all students.


Transfer skills into practice and facilitate long-term gains through best practices grounded in expert research and student outcome data


Choose when, where, and how to learn with onsite, online, and on-demand learning options designed to fit your schedule and style.

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Accelerating learning for educators

Even the best educational technology doesn’t replace the judgement and expertise of an educator who knows the student best.

Renaissance Professional Learning aims to help educators use Renaissance’s innovative assessment, instruction, practice, and data to their greatest effect by developing teachers’ abilities to:

  • analyze and interpret learning data
  • deliver “just right” instruction and practice for every student
  • make adjustments to maximize the impact on student learning

When teachers have the knowledge and tools to know what to teach, how to plan effective instruction, and whether it’s working, improvements to student outcomes, teacher efficacy, and school culture are the result.

Professional Learning facilitates continuous improvement

Renaissance Professional Learning increases teachers’ understanding of students’ learning so they can build capacity, gain insights to ensure equitable opportunity for growth, and make informed decisions throughout the instructional cycle.


Uncover needs

Use the right data and assessments to answer your data questions


Plan with purpose

Make a data-centered approach to collaboration


Monitor growth

Track progress to help ensure all learners succeed


Instruct & practice

Identify which instructional practices are most effective

Always learning, always growing

Accelerating learning calls for regular analysis of your current practices. Reflect on each of the areas below and learn how Renaissance Professional Learning can help you and your colleagues realize your vision of success for all students and staff.

What’s the right data we need to effectively make decisions?

Avoid unnecessary assessment and save time by aligning your data collection and review process with your data needs. With Renaissance Professional Services you’ll develop strategies to:

  • Administer assessments with fidelity so you can rely on the results to make decisions
  • Set expectations and establish realistic, data-based goals
  • Access and review the right data at the right time for the right purpose
Boys in classroom

What’s the impact of instruction and practice on student learning, achievement, and growth?

Learning metrics that help you recognize effects on student learning empowers you to make necessary adjustments to increase the impact for students. Renaissance Professional Services guide you to:

  • Interpret data for screening, progress monitoring, standard- and skill-level mastery, growth, and reading comprehension
  • Compare performance to expected outcomes to monitor progress
  • Maximize engagement with personalized practice and goals
Girls studying

Are all students across subgroups learning and growing?

Surface analysis of learning data can mask the impact of learning on some demographic groups–hiding them from view or letting them fall through the cracks. Uncover performance metrics that lead to greater insight so you’re able to:

  • Ensure all students are prepared and motivated for a successful experience
  • Determine if instructional practices are having an equitable impact
  • Implement or advance your RTI/MTSS process with data disaggregations
Diverse group of students

What do students already know and what are they ready to learn next? 

Instructional time is precious. Make the most of it by targeting skills for instruction and practice that are most appropriate for students. Personalize learning by using Renaissance tools to:

  • Plan instruction and intervention based on assessment and practice data
  • Locate books, articles, and practice activities that are just right for students
  • Gauge student readiness for kindergarten, third-grade proficiency, state tests, and ACT/SAT success
Teacher and boy

What strategies provide timely, relevant, professional learning that fosters collaboration in moving toward goals? 

When educators have ready access to just-in-time learning resources they’re better equipped to make progress toward goals. Renaissance professional development empowers teachers to:

  • Learn and apply best practices to positively impact classroom routines, school culture, and student outcomes
  • Access on-demand learning resources to keep the implementation on track
  • Work in partnership with the Renaissance team for continuous improvement
Graduating student

What differentiated instructional strategies are most effective?

Effective educators consistently refine their techniques to improve student outcomes. Don’t guess at what works—use student data to prove it. Renaissance Professional Learning enhance educators’ skills to:

  • Make data-informed decisions based on a range of evidence
  • Share best practices for assessment and data-based instruction
  • Empower PLCs, literacy and math coaches with timely, relevant information about instructional effectiveness
Educator with child

Continuous support for all levels of learning and change

From self-service learning resources to district-wide change management, Renaissance’s Professional Learning services support the needs of every district, school, administrator, and teacher.

Renaissance-U® with Smart Start is full of learning resources, guides, and videos educators can easily access anytime.

Access Renaissance-U with Smart Start

How-to Webinars help educators across the country get started, use data, and enhance instruction with Renaissance products.

Access How-to Webinars

Onsite sessions or 60- or 90-minute webinars aligned to your desired outcomes and implementation goals.

Explore Onsite Professional Learning

Explore Remote Professional Learning

Build internal expertise to sustain ongoing success with our Champions Academy turn-key model to create scale and depth.

Learn more about Champions Academy

Project Management services partner with district stakeholders to plan, oversee, and report progress throughout your implementation.

Learn more about Project Management

Delivery options designed to work for you

Renaissance Professional Learning has flexible delivery options to fit with your goals and on your schedule. No matter how it’s delivered, you’ll get engaging and interactive learning experiences appropriate for adult learners.


Live, remote, learning synchronous delivery


In-depth and in-person learning, coaching, and modeling


Self-paced and available 24/7 for anytime, asynchronous learning

After experiencing some of the professional development Renaissance offers, I wouldn’t let anyone use their solutions without it. We’re enrolled in ongoing professional development so the principals always know what they should be experiencing and what is coming down the road.

Michael Flanagan • Assistant Superintendent

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