Using insight-driven instruction and practice to accelerate learning and growth for all students

How do we do this?

Bringing rich data sources together to provide insights to teachers

Elevating engagement with highly interactive content and enriched practice

Enabling direct instruction with teachers at the center as well as adapting to the individual learner


Accelerate instruction with the Star Assessments to Nearpod connection

By giving your educators the answer to “What do my students need next?” Nearpod makes Star data more actionable in classroom instruction.

Teachers can differentiate instruction using high-quality lessons, videos, and activities tied directly to the skills and standards identified by Star data. They can then deliver personalized learning experiences with a click of a button.

Learn more about the Star assessments that connect to Nearpod:

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Expand personalized learning experiences for all students

Teachers can seamlessly launch myON, Freckle, and Lalilo lessons in Nearpod for an individual student session, a small group activity, or to teach an entire class.

With award-winning content from Freckle, myON, and Lalilo available in Nearpod, your educators have new ways to drive instruction in the classroom.

Explore how Renaissance practice products support every learner in delivering personalized skill-building and insight-driven practice to ensure students are ready for what’s next:

Nearpod supports teachers to foster a love of learning in every student

Make teaching easier with the interactive tools, resources, and content teachers need—all in one place.

Ensure every student continues to learn and grow

Empower educators with insight-driven instruction and practice.

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