Research-based attitudinal assessment with impactful intervention guide

Uncover hidden non-academic barriers to student learning and success, such as lack of confidence, motivation, and connectedness to school, with a research-based and easy- to- administer K-12 survey that takes students less than 15 minutes to complete.

Dynamic, interactive, and immediately available reports provide insights into the whole district or school, from the demographic level down to the individual student level. These actionable reports provide standardized measures based on nine factors that focus on how a student feels about their school and themselves as learners.

Renaissance Fundamentals can be used as a critical component to your MTSS process or other whole child initiatives, allowing educators to identify at-risk students and areas of concern before they manifest as chronic issues.


Screen students on their feelings about their school and themselves as learners with an online survey that students complete in 15 minutes or less, on any device, in one of 27 languages.


Access color-coded, actionable reports that give administrators, counselors and teachers insight into students’ attitudes against benchmarks.


Take action to support students using a library of 130+ interventions, each linked to a specific factor.


Evaluate student progress, existing SEL programs and interventions as students re-take surveys over time for result comparisons.

Download the Sample Reports Book

View samples of Renaissance Fundamentals reports for districts and schools, by demographic groups and individual students.

Renaissance Fundamentals provides a standardized measure for these nine factors


Feelings about school

Measure a student’s sense of well-being, safety and comfort in school.


Perceived learning capability

Measures students’ views of how positive and successful they feel in their specific capabilities as learners.


Self-regard as a learner

Measures the impact of students’ learning on their concept of self, generally.


Preparedness for learning

Measures students’ perceptions of their behavior and attitude in learning situations (including metacognitive skills).


Attitudes to teachers

Measures students’ perceptions of their relationships with teachers.


General work ethic

Measures students’ attitudes and responses to work in general.


Confidence in learning

Measures students’ confidence in approaching and dealing with learning and perseverance when presented with challenging tasks and includes associated feelings such as a high anxiety element.


Attitudes in attendance

Measures students’ attitudes to attendance at school.


Response to curriculum demands

Measures students’ perceptions of the appropriateness of the level of difficulty of work they are asked to complete.

Diagram of standardized measure for these nine factors

Renaissance Fundamentals for administrators, MTSS staff, teachers, counselors, and students

Smiling Educators

For administrators

Administrators can use district- and school- level reports to make data-informed decisions that:

  • Identify areas of success and areas for improvement
  • Prioritize school-wide student supports and allocate resources
  • Evaluate existing SEL programs and adjust accordingly
  • Strengthen MTSS programs with whole-child data
  • Ensure equity across all student groups

Reports can be broken down to compare scores across schools, grade, gender, ethnicity, special education, ELL, F&RL status and up to two school/district custom-defined groups.

School view
Cohort and demographic view

For MTSS staff

MTSS administrators and staff can use the color-coded reports to help:

  • Strengthen MTSS plans and programs with whole child data
  • Drive higher-level interventions (Tier 2 and Tier 3)
  • Inform Tier 1 instruction
  • Evaluate existing programs and initiatives, adjusting as needed

Report colors of green, yellow, amber and red coincide with MTSS intervention.

For teachers and counselors

Teachers and school counselors can use individual student reports to:

  • Identify struggling students for one-to-one interventions
  • Group students who are struggling in the same areas to intervene appropriately
  • Uncover students in need of support that might have otherwise fallen through the cracks
  • Share student insights with parents and families
  • Measure the success and impact of interventions

Individual student reports include percentile scores by the nine attitudinal factors and show changes over time from one survey administration to another.

Student report screenshot
Student survey

For students

Students react to 50 statements in surveys for grades 3-12 and 27 statements for surveys in grades K-2. Statements and answers can be read aloud to students in all grades (K-12). It takes students 15 minutes or less to complete the survey.

How it works

How does Renaissance Fundamentals work?

Students take the Renaissance Fundamentals survey multiple times during the school year. Administrators, school counselors and teachers analyze reports after each survey, putting programs and interventions in place and adjusting as needed based on comparison of survey results.

Students take the Renaissance Fundamentals survey
Educators analyze the survey results
Educators put interventions in place
Students retake the Renaissance Fundamentals survey
Educators compare results before and after the interventions


Renaissance Fundamentals’ post-COVID norms reflects the attitudes of students who completed their surveys in the United States between August 2021 and November 2022. The norms provide insights and comparisons to attitudes of students who returned to school post-COVID, having experienced the learning impacts resulting from COVID.

The Post-COVID standardization document outlines the research and methodology to create the new norms. It also includes information on the overall reliability and validity of Renaissance Fundamentals.

Post covid report

Success stories

Real stories from real educators

Success stories from districts and schools like you.

South Fayette Township School District

See how utilizing Renaissance Fundamentals as a universal screener uncovered students in need of additional support post-COVID.

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